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O Projeto Terra Oculta com relação as ciências ocultas, ufologia, metafísica, espiritualismo, cosmologia, parapsicologia, transcomunicação Instrumental e História e Evolução do Homem neste planeta listou abaixo alguns interessantes livros que podem ser excelentes fontes de consulta e pesquisa sobre esses diversos temas mencionados.


Obras em Portugues ou traduzidos

O Despertar dos Mágicos – Jacques Bergier e Louis Pauwels

Geometria Sagrada - Nigel Pennick

Vinte Casos Sugestivos de Reencarnação – Dr. STEVENSON, Ian

A história secreta da raça humana - Michael A. Cremo e Richard L. Thompson

O Tao da Física – Um Paralelo entre a Física Moderna e o Misticismo Oriental – Fritjof Capra

Sequestro, Encontros com Extraterrestres - autor John E. Mack

O Livro Tibetano dos Mortos – Graham Coleman - 2010

O Livro dos Fenômenos Estranhos  - Charles Berlitz

Livros Mediúnicos ou autores sobre efeito de alucinógenos

Cartas de uma Morta – Pelo Espirito de Maria João de Deus – Francisco Cândido Xavier

Nosso Lar pelo Espirito Andre Luiz e o médium Francisco Cândido Xavier. (Livro que contém texto criptografado com textos sobre diversos assuntos escondidos dentro do texto normal incluindo sobre Saturno, cabala, física da informação, etc.) Para se ler devemos utilizar cifras para descriptografar.

Memórias de um Suícida - pelo Espírito Camilo Cândido Botelho e a Médium Yovonne do Amaral Pereira - (Livro que contém texto criptografado com textos sobre diversos assuntos escondidos dentro do texto normal incluindo sobre Saturno, cabala, física da informação, etc.) Para se ler devemos utilizar cifras para descriptografar.

Legião um olhar sobre o Reino das Sombras  – Pelo Espirito Angelo Inácio e o Médium Robson Pinheiro

Sehores da Escuridão -  Pelo Espirito Angelo Inácio e o Médium Robson Pinheiro

A Marca da Besta - Pelo Espirito Angelo Inácio e o Médium Robson Pinheiro

Mistérios da Vida – Masaharu Taniguchi – Seicho-no-ie

O Livro dos Espíritos – Allan Kardec (Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail ) – 1857 Paris

Livros de Carlos Castaneda:

O Fogo Interior

A Arte do Sonhar

A Erva do Diabo

A Roda do Tempo

O Lado Ativo do Infinito

O Poder do Silêncio

O Presente da Águia

O Segundo Círculo do Poder

Porta para o Infinito

Uma Estranha Realidade

Viagem a Ixtlan


Obras em Inglês

Alien Interview – Laurence R Spencer

DMT The spirit Molecule – Rick Strassman, MD

Inner Paths to Our Space – Journey to Alien Worlds through  Psychedelics and Other Spiritual Technologies – Rick Strassman, MD, Slawek Wojtowicz, MD, Luis Eduardo Luna, PHD and Ede Frecska, MD.

Disneyland of the Gods - John Keel

Operation Trojan horse - John Keel

Parallel Worlds - Michio Kaku

Passport to Magonia on UFOs, Folklore, and Parallel Worlds – Jacques Vallé

Ringmakers of Saturn - Norman-R. Bergrun

Secret Cipher of the Ufonauts - Allen Greenfield

Secret Language – Barry J. Blake

Need to Know? Codes and Ciphers – How to make them and how to break them – Sean Callery

The Secret Code – The Mysterious formula that rules art, nature, and Science – Priya Hemen Way

The Continuum Encyclopedia of Symbols – Udo Becker

Matrix of Power – Jordan Maxwell

The Zen of Magic Squares, Circles, and Stars – Clifford A. Pickover

Sacred Geometry – Miranda Lundy

A Little Book of Coincidence in the Solar System – John Martineau

The Mayan and other Ancient Calendars – Geoff Stray

Platonic and Archimedean Solids – Daud Sutton

Sacred Number – The secret qualities of quantities – Miranda Lundy

Quadrivium – The Four Classical Liberal Arts of Number, Geometry, Music and Cosmology

Souls of Distortion Awakening – A convergence of Science and Spirituality – Jan Wicherink

Synchronicity – Nature and Psyche in an interconnected Universe – Joseph Cambray

Invisible Landscape - Terence McKenna

The Ether Ship Mystery and its Solution – Meade Layne

The Greatest Story Never Told – A Scientific Inquiry into the Evidence of the Fall of the Man from a Higher Civilization in Antiquity - Lana Corrine Cantrell

The History of Russia in distortion mirrors – Nicolai Levashov

The Secret Teachings of All Ages – Manly P. Hall 1928

The Mystery of Numbers – Annemarie Schimmel – Oxford University Press

Time and the Techno sphere the Law of Time in Human Affairs – José Arguelles – PHD

Where reincarnation and biology intersect - Dr. Ian-Stevenson

Case for the UFO - Morris K. Jessup - Varo edition

The Secret Rituals of the Men in Black - Allen Greenfield

Mastering Astral Projection – A 90 Guide to Out of Body Experience – Robert Bruce and Brian Mercer

Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid – A Metaphorical Fugue on minds and machines in the spirit of Lewis Carroll - Douglas R.  Hofstadter

Forbidden Archaeology - The Hidden History of the Human Race - Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson

I Remember Lemuria, by Richard S. Shaver, [1948]

Who Built The Moon? – Christopher Knight and Alan Butler

Someone Else is on our Moon – George H. Leonard

Secrets of our Spaceship Moon - Don Wilson

Dark Mission – The secret History of NASA – By Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara.

PENETRATION The Question of Extra-terrestrial and Human Telepathy- Ingo Swann

The Biological Time Bomb – G. Rattray Taylor

The Scole Report by Montague Keen, Arthur Ellison and David Fontana

The Scole Experiment – Scientific Evidence for Life after Death – Grant and Jane Solomon – Foreword by Professor Arthur Ellison.

Eternal Man – Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier

Holographic Universe By Michael Talbot

The Mars Mystery – A Warning from History that could save life on Earth – Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval and John Grigsby.

The Cosmic War – Joseph P. Farrell

Dark Matter Missing Planets and New Comets – Paradoxes Resolved Origins Illuminated – Tom Van Flandern

Worlds In Collision - Immanuel Velikovsky

Cracks in the Greatwall – UFOs and Traditional Metaphysics – Charles Upton

The Nag Hammadi Scriptures – The Revised and Updated Translation of Sacred Gnostic Texts – By Marvin Meyer

The astral plane its scenery inhabitants – C. W. Leadbeater  1895

The Book of the damned - Charles Fort 1919

Book of the Hopi – The first revelation of the Hopi´s Historical and religious world view of life – By Frank Waters

Supernatural – Meetings with the ancient teachers of Mankind – Graham Hancock

Harvesting the disconnected. The alien agenda for humanity - Hennessey, Andrew

How to escape planet earth. Demonic soul-farming on our planet- Hennessey, Andrew

The monkeys of Eden. The telepathic overlords and the slaves of earth - Hennessey, Andrew

Communion by Whitley Strieber

The Fantastic Inventions Of Nicola Tesla - David Hatcher Childress

Antigravity And The World Grid (1987) - David Hatcher Childress

The science of oneness – David Wilcock

Book of The Law - Aleister Crowley by the Entity Aiwass – original version by hand with the cipher.

A True and Faithful Relation of What Paffed for many Yeers Between Dr John Dee Some Spirits – London – Printed by D. Maxwell – 1659

Crop Circles and Life at Parallel Space-Time Sheets - M. Pitkanen1, February 1, 2006


WAR IN HEAVEN by Kyle Griffith 1998

SPIRICOM – An electromagnetic –Etheric System Approach to Communications with Other Levels of Human Consciousness –


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Obras em Francês

Discours au vrais des terribles et espouvantables signes apareus sur la Mer de Genes – Fouxtela Coppie Imprimee à Lion – 1609

Obras em Espanhol

La granja humana - Salvador Freixedo